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Open Apple / A2 Central Magazine

Open Apple / A2 Central Magazine


texts 110

Computer Newsletters: User Groups and Flyers

apple 108
program 69
appleworks 61
disk 59
prodos 47
software 43
llgs 36
file 34
hard disk 29
applesoft 27
ilgs 27
word processor 24
system software 23
data 21
data base 20
apple lie 19
programs 17
dos 16
scsi 16
apple writer 15
control panel 15
apple llgs 14
mac 14
machine language 14
scsi card 14
text file 14
poke 13
print 13
tiie 13
files 12
ligs 12
user group 12
hard drive 11
printer 11
serial card 11
super serial 11
system 11
assembly language 10
byte 10
memory 10
apple ligs 9
apple ilgs 8
command 8
public domain 8
reference manual 8
slot 8
text 8
color 7
source code 7
system disk 7
technical reference 7
text files 7
applied engineering 6
hypercard 6
memory card 6
ttie 6
appleshare 5
applesoft program 5
appletalk 5
drive 5
integer basic 5
interface 5
lie 5
macintosh 5
modem 5
power supply 5
roger wagner 5
serial 5
serial port 5
technical support 5
user groups 5
writer 5
apple lis 4
auxiliary memory 4
computer 4
entry point 4
floating point 4
font 4
hyperstudio 4
interface card 4
memory expansion 4
operating system 4
programming 4
ram disk 4
scsi interface 4
apple pascal 3
appleworks data 3
bulletin board 3
bytes 3
characters 3
desk accessory 3
disk drive 3
file server 3
finder 3
fonts 3
icon 3
laser disc 3
left margin 3
machine code 3
main program 3
memory manager 3
midi 3
power supplies 3
print shop 3
ram 3
root directory 3
serial ports 3
server 3
string storage 3
super 3
system utilities 3
technical 3
technical notes 3
variable table 3
version 3
video 3
word processing 3
achievement award 2
address range 2
advanced firmware 2
advanced interface 2
apple computer 2
apple dealer 2
apple memory 2
apple user 2
appleworks files 2
ascii characters 2
audio 2
base file 2
basic 2
basicsystem 2
baud 2
beagle bros 2
border color 2
card field 2
carriage return 2
claris 2
clipboard 2
control characters 2
copy protection 2
custom printer 2
desk accessories 2
desktop 2
desktop publishing 2
device 2
dif file 2
disc 2
disk drives 2
double high 2
educational software 2
exec file 2
file formats 2
firmware 2
folder 2
format 2
frodos 2
garbage collection 2
goto 2
graphics 2
hard drives 2
high school 2
high sierra 2
hypercard ilgs 2
hypercard llgs 2
ibm 2
icons 2
iiqs 2
ilgs system 2
keyboard input 2
language card 2
lie card 2
logo 2
mail order 2
media control 2
memory cards 2
micol 2
midi synth 2
mode 2
modems 2
monitor 2
morgan davis 2
mouse interface 2
network 2
online 2
online services 2
option key 2
original apple 2
paint program 2
peek 2
phone number 2
pixels 2
pointer 2
power 2
print server 2
ramfast scsi 2
remote computer 2
rgb 2
rich text 2
rom 2
scsi hard 2
english 110
Date Published
Open Apple-Vol 6 No 06-JUL 1990
Topics: disc, laser, video, scsi, prodos, apple, device, players, sia, disk, laser disc, video disc, disc...
Open Apple-Vol 5 No 02-MAR 1989
Topics: apple, program, appleworks, micol, claris, applesoft, technical, developer, programs, macintosh,...
Open Apple-Vol 7 No 10-NOV 1991
Topics: apple, hyperstudio, mac, text, button, prodos, disk, sound, llgs, roger wagner, hard disk, button...
Open Apple Index-Vol 4
Topics: apple, ligs, software, appleworks, technical, prodos, scsi, appletalk, disk, rgb, apple ligs,...
Open Apple-Vol 4 No 08-SEP 1988
Topics: apple, appleworks, disk, slot, prodos, program, margin, modem, command, ttie, top margin, super...
Open Apple-Vol 3 No 01-FEB 1987
Topics: prodos, apple, disk, smartport, program, slot, appleworks, printer, print, file, exec file, hard...
Open Apple-Vol 4 No 09-OCT 1988
Topics: appleworks, apple, frodos, program, llgs, file, applesoft, version, disk, slot, left margin, word...
Open Apple-Vol 5 No 12-JAN 1990
Topics: apple, appleworks, llgs, file, software, slot, data, program, mac, disk, word processor, data base,...
Open Apple-Vol 2 No 05-JUN 1986
Topics: ttie, apple, program, tiie, print, applesoft, poke, variable, prodos, ttiat, super serial, word...
Open Apple-Vol 3 No 04-MAY 1987
Topics: ilgs, monitor, apple, memoiy, program, llgs, command, ascii, commands, applesoft, machine language,...
Open Apple-Vol 7 No 11-DEC 1991
Topics: apple, games, program, appleworks, printer, baslcsystem, software, eamon, programs, shareware, user...
Open Apple-Vol 9 No 05-JUN 1993
Topics: apple, text, appleworks, software, writer, files, disk, font, lazy, mac, apple writer, brown fox,...
Open Apple-Vol 6 No 03-APR 1990
Topics: apple, scsi, llgs, disk, ligs, appleworks, software, drive, program, programs, hard disk, apple...
Open Apple-Vol 6 No 09-OCT 1990
Topics: apple, program, llgs, disk, system, startup, toolbox, ligs, ilgs, prodos, scsi card, system...
Open Apple Index-Vol 2
Topics: apple, ligs, memory, prodos, applesoft, disk, interface, reference, appleworks, apple ligs, apple...
Open Apple-Vol 6 No 07-AUG 1990
Topics: apple, module, mac, ilgs, program, modules, software, tbe, macintosh, applesoft, object module,...
Open Apple-Vol 4 No 02-MAR 1988
Topics: apple, modem, ilgs, desktop publishing, software, computer, modems, baud, appletalk, prodos,...
Open Apple-Vol 9 No 02-MAR 1993
Topics: apple, glossary, program, programming, mac, file, software, writer, text, disk, apple writer, roger...
Open Apple-Vol 4 No 05-JUN 1988
Topics: apple, appleworks, software, virus, prodos, program, frodos, printer, viruses, poke, software...
Open Apple-Vol 9 No 01-FEB 1993
Topics: peek, reh, apple, poke, format, print, disk, printer, ram, file, apple writer, reference number,...
Open Apple-Vol 1 No 00-JAN 1985
Topics: program, apple, applesoft, dos, ttie, goto, string, print, logo, uie, variable tables, onerr goto,...
Open Apple-Vol 6 No 02-MAR 1990
Topics: apple, appleworks, data, backup, disk, file, system, ligs, kawasaki, hard disk, appleworks data,...
Open Apple-Vol 5 No 07-AUG 1989
Topics: apple, files, appleworks, program, file, binary, computer, online, xmodem, print, data base, word...
Open Apple-Vol 6 No 04-MAY 1990
Topics: prodos, disk, llgs, appleworks, volume, apple, program, characters, selector, file, standard...
Open Apple-Vol 7 No 05-JUN 1991
Topics: apple, disk, user, file, ilgs, appleworks, hypercard, formats, program, data, user disk, card...
Open Apple-Vol 5 No 08-SEP 1989
Topics: apple, server, disk, appleshare, user, appleworks, software, network, ilgs, system, hard disk,...
Open Apple Index-Vol 8
Topics: apple, system, appletalk, ligs, compatibility, software, finder, disk, file, prodos, achievement...
Open Apple-Vol 1 No 08-SEP 1985
Topics: dos, applesoft, program, apple, string, prodos, disk, input, appleworks, routine, word processor,...
Open Apple-Vol 5 No 03-APR 1989
Topics: apple, dif, data, llgs, program, file, programs, header, appleworks, merlin, dif file, dif files,...
Open Apple-Vol 5 No 04-MAY 1989
Topics: apple, scsi, appleworks, disk, lie, drive, video, appletalk, color, power supply, hard disk, hard...
Open Apple-Vol 7 No 03-APR 1991
Topics: apple, ilgs, hypercard, software, disk, appleworks, program, users, scsi, ligs, hard disk, system...
Open Apple-Vol 1 No 05-JUN 1985
Topics: apple, applesoft, program, dos, lie, byte, graphics, poke, enhanced, machine language, assembly...
Open Apple-Vol 3 No 05-JUN 1987
Topics: data, byte, apple, appleworks, category, file, relational, program, poke, data base, primary key,...
Open Apple-Vol 6 No 08-SEP 1990
Topics: apple, ilgs, llgs, mpw, program, mac, prodos, tools, software, appleworks, mpw ilgs, cross...
Open Apple-Vol 4 No 04-MAY 1988
Topics: apple, bulletin, appleworks, messages, software, program, files, qenie, poke, file, bulletin board,...
Open Apple-Vol 7 No 06-JUL 1991
Topics: apple, mac, ilgs, resource, system, file, program, macintosh, appleworks, folder, control panel,...
Open Apple-Vol 7 No 08-SEP 1991
Topics: tiie, apple, uie, appleworks, disk, ilgs, files, ibm, tiiat, program, power supply, video overiay,...
Open Apple-Vol 9 No 04-MAY 1993
Topics: apple, video, program, programs, multimedia, laserdisc, prodos, audio, software, iiqs, public...
Open Apple-Vol 3 No 12-JAN 1988
Topics: apple, prodos, disk, appleworks, interface, program, system, llgs, slot, files, system disk, super...
Open Apple-Vol 1 No 11-DEC 1985
Topics: appleworks, apple, clipboard, disk, software, program, unidisk, dos, command, file, word processor,...
Open Apple-Vol 3 No 07-AUG 1987
Topics: apple, appleworks, program, llgs, file, prodos, disk, poke, data, text, integer basic, word...
Open Apple-Vol 9 No 03-APR 1993
Topics: wpl, apple, program, command, writer, programs, print, disk, printer, pqo, apple writer, wpl...
Open Apple-Vol 6 No 05-JUN 1990
Topics: icon, apple, finder, disk, icons, llgs, program, file, files, appleworks, hard disk, icon files,...
Open Apple-Vol 5 No 06-JUL 1989
Topics: appleworks, file, data, tbe, text, select, tab, cursor, screen, files, word processor, data base,...
Open Apple-Vol 3 No 11-DEC 1987
Topics: apple, program, appleworks, applesoft, promal, software, programs, subroutine, routines, version,...
Open Apple-Vol 4 No 12-JAN 1989
Topics: apple, appleworks, logo, memory, program, disk, accented, cirtech, ilgs, apple writer, memory...
Open Apple-Vol 8 No 11-DEC 1992
Topics: apple, modem, data, serial, bps, midi, mac, modems, software, handshaking, serial port, super...
Open Apple-Vol 5 No 01-FEB 1989
Topics: font, apple, fonts, pixels, macintosh, ilgs, character, pixel, scsi, color, tall adjusted, public...
Open Apple-Vol 7 No 07-AUG 1991
Topics: apple, program, applesoft, vcr, programming, field, ilgs, jsr, computer, card field, type return,...
Open Apple-Vol 5 No 11-DEC 1989
Topics: apple, mac, llgs, program, appleworks, color, programs, data, font, data block, system software,...
Open Apple Index-Vol 5
Topics: apple, llgs, appleworks, prodos, scsi, software, technical, appleshare, fonts, basic, apple llgs,...
Open Apple-Vol 8 No 06-JUL 1992
Topics: color, apple, mode, colors, appleworks, ttie, llgs, pixels, ilgs, scanline, apple llgs, apple ilgs,...
Open Apple-Vol 3 No 08-SEP 1987
Topics: apple, memory, llgs, appleworks, program, data, prodos, printrix, disk, power, memory manager, data...
Open Apple-Vol 5 No 05-JUN 1989
Topics: apple, appleworks, disk, hyperstudio, software, llgs, file, files, prodos, applelink, power supply,...
Open Apple-Vol 3 No 03-APR 1987
Topics: apple, program, appleworks, modem, bytes, ttie, programs, memory, file, format, long distance,...
Open Apple-Vol 8 No 12-JAN 1993
Topics: apple, applesoft, program, basic, programming, software, mab, ram, programs, structured, apple...
Open Apple-Vol 8 No 09-OCT 1992
Topics: apple, midi, synthlab, iiqs, writer, data, sequencer, press, program, mode, apple writer, apple...
Open Apple-Vol 6 No 11-DEC 1990
Topics: apple, mac, software, disk, prodos, llgs, scsi, appleworks, slot, mhz, slot clock, scsi card, high...
Open Apple-Vol 5 No 10-NOV 1989
Topics: data, record, apple, file, program, pointer, data file, files, sequential, print, goto, random...
Open Apple-Vol 6 No 01-FEB 1990
Topics: apple, data, disc, audio, prodos, llgs, program, ilgs, software, applecd, slot clock, public...
Open Apple-Vol 4 No 11-DEC 1988
Topics: scsi, apple, timeout, appleworks, disk, data, drive, clipboard, desktop, chinook, scsi card, word...
Open Apple Index-Vol 6
Topics: apple, disk, software, ligs, prodos, appleworks, appleshare, scsi, apple ligs, rom, applesoft,...
Open Apple-Vol 8 No 02-MAR 1992
Topics: finder, apple, icon, icons, menu, program, file, window, folder, text, finder extension, finder...
Open Apple-Vol 8 No 10-NOV 1992
Topics: apple, file, startup, prodos, appleshare, disk, system, peek, program, server, apple writer, hard...
Open Apple-Vol 3 No 06-JUL 1987
Topics: memory, appleworks, apple, prodos, program, softswitch, llgs, block, disk, software, memory...
Open Apple-Vol 4 No 03-APR 1988
Topics: apple, appleworks, scsi, software, ilgs, prodos, disk, drive, files, program, scsi hard, scsi card,...
Open Apple-Vol 2 No 06-JUL 1986
Topics: apple, tiie, program, dos, applesoft, sider, prodos, disk, poke, tool kit, assembly language,...
Open Apple-Vol 6 No 10-NOV 1990
Topics: apple, disk, prodos, llgs, scsi, drive, djd, drives, hyperstudio, xcmd, hard disk, print shop,...
Open Apple-Vol 1 No 01-FEB 1985
Topics: dos, reset, apple, monitor, program, disk, applesoft, byte, display, machine language, disk drive,...
Open Apple-Vol 8 No 01-FEB 1992
Topics: apple, system, control, users, prodos, icon, disk, file, ilgs, key, control panel, media control,...
Open Apple-Vol 1 No 03-APR 1985
Topics: apple, dos, disk, mousetext, characters, poke, program, prodos, tracks, programs, mousetext...
Open Apple-Vol 6 No 12-JAN 1991
Topics: apple, trackstar, disk, mac, llgs, program, roger, software, ligs, hypercard, roger wagner, print...
Open Apple-Vol 4 No 06-JUL 1988
Topics: apple, macintosh, scsi, appleworks, ilgs, prodos, software, yocam, llgs, genie, floating point,...
Open Apple-Vol 3 No 09-OCT 1987
Topics: serial, apple, firmware, super, interface, advanced, slot, entry, parity, super serial, serial...
Open Apple-Vol 2 No 10-NOV 1986
Topics: apple, prodos, file, appleworks, disk, program, applesoft, data, programs, apple writer, system...